About Us

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I founded Green Dreams in 1999 as a small business producing and marketing organic produce for Nairobi consumers.

It felt easy at the time. With a handful of dedicated hardworking crew, we started an awesome production of an assortment of organic products first in Karen then in the green tea hills of Tigoni, Nairobi Kenya.

As demand grew for our products we developed a training arm to train an eager supply chain of small scale farmers on the beauty and intricacies of organic production . Soon supply outstripped demand and we headed into mainstream supermarkets, for only a short while, where we learned the scary truths of retail. So we backed out and started our own store The Organic Shop. It was 2005.

From then until today we have morphed with the times, faced bankruptcy often, but reinvented ourselves to survive each time. We’ve realised that after surviving electoral violence and the ensuing economic collapse of early 2007 and the tail end of the global financial collapse soon afterwards, there are only two things that enable one to survive as a business given such challenges. Resilience and size.

Small is beautiful, Fritz Schumacher was right. We are now reinventing ourselves in The Organic Shop once again, but this time using the techno and other developments around us to help us reach our goal which is to give you the consumer fresh affordable organic products 24/7……….ok 7.5/7 ?

Ten years later the Green Dreams Crew Kendi, Zak, Leah and Mwaniki continue to dedicate their time and efforts passionately to the Company and the organic industry.

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