Boda Bodas & Taxis

IMAG0120Given the current traffic snarl ups in Nairobi, using Boda Bodas who can weave between the cars will ensure your organic produce will arrive faster and thus fresher than by any other means.

Payments for Boda Boda/Taxis will be done at our Shop on return of the empty crates and will be a cost added to the cost of the basket/delivery.

Payments can be made paid by Mpesa or Cheque or cash deposited at the store.  The delivery system must be devoid of any cash transactions though we would like payments to be as prompt as possible so that we can make speedy payments to the small scale organic suppliers and transport providers.

We have identified drivers in our area that we have invited to become part of our distribution system and these are the costs they will charge to deliver to the various locations:


Boda Boda Taxi
Muthaiga 200 300
Kitusuru 200 700
Runda 200 300
Karen 800 1300
Lavington 350 1000
Loresho 300 1000
Kilimani 300 1000
Kibagare 250 800
Westlands 300 600
Langata 800 1500
Thigiri 200 300

Each Boda Boda can safely take about 4 baskets, thus the cost of transportation should also be reduced so,  spread the word in your area and encourage your friends to join !!

For any queries please contact Su on  +254 721 100 001, Zak on 0722 562 717 or Kendi on 0724781972