Certified Organic Products


Green Dreams Certified Organic Products

***Products subject to availability and Prices may change
Farm Fresh Organic Eggs 6 Pac 130.00
Pro Yoghurt (Plain/Strawberry/Mixed Berry) Probiotic cultures 150ml 60.00
Pro Yoghurt (Plain/Strawberry/Mixed Berry) Probiotic Cultures 500ml 190.00
Mozarella 250g 375.00
Ricotta 200g 160.00
Feta (Cow) 200g 320.00
Sour Cream 200mls 120.00
Fresh Cream 200ml 120.00
Farm Fresh Milk 2 lt 180.00
Pastuerised Milk 2 lt 180.00
Skim milk 2lt 160.00
Kwark (Natural or Strawberry) 200 ml 60.00
Farm Fresh Butter 500g 420.00
Cream Cheese with Chives 200g -
Cream Cheese Plain 200g 220.00
Cucumber Relish 400g 320.00
Gouda kg 1200.00
Baraka Farm Cheese ( Conventional)
Gouda, young Per kg 875.00
Gouda Matured Per kg 960.00
Gouda Extra Matured Per kg 1040.00
Gouda with Fenugreek Per kg 1160.00

N.B Gouda is sold per piece costed according to the weight   Mayers Water- Pure Spring Water low in Fluoride
0.5 lt x 24 bottles 1 Box 765.00
5.0 lt x 4 Bottles 1 Box 780.00
1.0 lt x 12 Bottles 1 Box 670.00

Marmalades Jams and Pickles (Conventional) Meru Herbs Certified Organics

Sugo pili pili 330g 290.00
Pesto Pili 180g 290.00
Basillico Tomato Sauce 330 290.00
Guava Jam 400g 290.00
Mango Jam 400g 260.00
Pineapple Jam 400g 290.00
Papaya Jam 400g 260.00
Cabesi Acacia Honey 500g 350.00
Natural Honey 500g 350.00
Organic Oils
Nazi Oil (Coconut) 1lt 690.00
Nazi Oil (Coconut) 500g 350.00
Borges Extra virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml 725.00
Certified Herbal Teas
Carcade Tea Bags 50g 260.00
Lemon Grass Tea Bags 50g 260.00
Chamomille Tea Bags 50g 280.00

Out Of Africa – Certified Organic

Dark Roast 250g
Dark Roast 500g
Medium Roast 250g
Medium Roast 500g
Macadamia 250g 262.00
Cashew Nuts

Leo’s Sauces (Conventional)

Pesto 320g 350.00
SunDried Tomatoes 500g 410.00
Napoli Pasta Sauce 500g 270.00
House wife Pasta Sauce 500g 270.00
Siciliana Pasta Sauce 500g 270.00
Artichokes 500g 490.00
Bella Luna Breads and Cookies (Conventional)
Crips Bread 230g 280.00
Cookies, Choco, Coconut, Ginger 300g 310.00
Bagels  (sesame , onion, cinnamon, poppy seed) 6 Pack 430.00
Bagels (sesame , onion, cinnamon, poppy seed) 3 Pack 195.00
Bagels Chips 200g 250.00
Dried Fruits (Conventional)
Mango 100g 220.00
Pineapple 100g 220.00
Achary 100g 220.00
Banana 100g 220.00
Dried mushrooms

For Your Garden

Seed- Many Varieties Hygrotech Small Paks 40.00
Seed Trays Stryrofoam
Hygro MixPotting Soil