About our Basket Scheme


Our Basket delivery system allows you to order your organic goodies directly from The Organic Shop! Within two hours of your order (or at a time you specify) a Boda Boda or taxi (your choice) will show up at your doorstep with your purchase! 

We have two basket sizes, a small basket for a couple or single family, and a large basket for a family of 4. The Baskets contain a selection of seasonal certified organic fruits and vegetables.  Our Basket system allows you to order and pay as you eat ? or to order 10 baskets in advance on our contract scheme. 

Along with your basket you may order extras from the list of products on this site. These will be charged separately from the basket charges. For information on how to order, click on the tabs Basket Scheme Regular or Basket Scheme Contract and simply make your order.

Check on the Boda Boda list to ensure you are aware of the costs of delivery to your specific area. Payments for Boda Boda/Taxis will be done at our Shop on return of the empty crates and will be a cost added to the cost of the basket/delivery.


  1. No cash payments accepted upon delivery.
  2. Cash payments to be made either
    a. Via Mpesa to 0712 117 467
    b. At The Organic Shop (Gigiri Shopping centre)
  3. Contract payments may be made cheque payable to Green Dreams Ltd (Cheques may be given to driver/transporter on condition a follow up sms is sent to Kendi: 0724 781 971 or Zak: 0722 562 717 to confirm payment).
  4. Credit accounts can be set up in the store where you pay a lump sum and we update you on your balance after every order.

The delivery system must be devoid of any cash transactions though we would like payments to be as prompt as possible so that we can make speedy payments to the small scale organic suppliers and transport providers.


Mon to Fri 8.00 am - 4.30pm Sat 8.00 am - 2.00pm