Our Customers


shop-customersWe cherish our two customers, our suppliers and consumers.

Without our esteemed dedicated suppliers, there would simply be no organic produce to talk of. Our suppliers toil through thick and thin to get their products to market, through drought and flood. On op of this they face the increase burden of paying for certification to prove their organic integrity.

Last year we introduced a cost effective method for all of our suppliers to register and pay for their organic certification by negotiating a model of payment based on sales. This enabled the farmers to prove verification of their products and thus reach wider premium markets without having to cover the costs of certification in one lump sum upfront. Our suppliers rock!

Our esteemed consumers cut across a wide spectrum Kenyan and international organic folk residing in Kenya. Their quotes bear testimony to our product quality and service. If you are in the store for long enough, you will not miss out on hearing any if not all of the following

DSC07463“This is the best yoghurt in the country!”

“My kids won’t drink any other milk!”

“I come all the way from Westlands daily to get my yoghurt”

“Where are those awesome Tomatoes? My Italian visitors simply love them”

“Thank goodness you guys are still here!!! I was afraid you had shut down and began to panic about the prospects of not finding your organic products!”

“The Boda Boda Basket service went extremely successfully!”

“Your mangoes are to die for!”

It is comments like these from our customers and friends that keep our Green Dreams organic movement alive.